Extra Campus

Opening title sequence for “Extra Campus” web series.


The slogan of the 2016 edition is “In the Italy of tomorrow I will be there”, and a series of initiatives are already underway aimed at enhancing this aspect of community life. At the forefront, of course, there are young people. Some of them, in particular, are the protagonists of a project started in December 2015, which will drive them until the beginning of April. This is Extra Campus, a web series promoted by the Istituto Toniolo that challenges students to the Catholic University: what can you do to improve the context in which you live? What will your contribution to society be?
They are called Leonardo, Carlotta, Pietro, Federico and Anna, and in the coming months will tell their experiences to the Extra Campus cameras. To follow them, just keep an eye on the Youtube channel of the Istituto Toniolo. The five challenges reveal an attention focused mainly on the problem of integration, without forgetting themes such as the promotion of culture, art and beauty. Here are the areas in which they decided to try their hand.

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